Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sun Cellular's Text Unlimited Promo Better than Trio

I think everyone will agree that Sun Cellular is still the number one mobile provider when it comes to price.  I think this mobile network company is the one responsible for giving the customer a choice when it comes to their load spending.  I was first hesitant to switch to Sun on its first offering but as the years pass by I had noticed that among the three networks, it is Sun Cellular who gives the best promo in SMS and Call.  Also Sun has the easiest way of making unlimited calls, unlike to other networks where you have to input three to four digit prefix number to the number before making an unlimited call.

Now there is new promo where you can make calls and text to SMART and Talk'nText subscribers called TRIOPLUS. SMART and Talk’nText offer the same promo also but wait.  You might think this is the best promo to text and call, Sun Cellular can beat this with Sun Text Unlimited 300 (TU300).  With your 300 pesos, you can already have unlimited sun text, 500 worth of texts to all networks, 3 hours of Sun-to-Sun calls and 2 hours of Sun-to-Sun/Smart/TNT calls, valid for 30 days.

Sun Cellular TU300, LoadCentral, Sun Trioplus, Promos

Here is my secret when I load TU300.  I don’t immediately load TU300, instead ask to load for Sun Expressload 300 which has 50 free texts which will be top off once you convert your 300 regular load to TU300.  To convert, text TU300 and send to 247.

Below are the Text Unlimited promos offered by Sun Cellular.

Sun Cellular TU300, LoadCentral, Sun Trioplus, Promos

Are you interested to be a prepaid load retailer? Join the cheapest one-sim load all.  With your 150 pesos you can start now selling the Sun Cellular's TU300.  

Do you want to save with you prepaid load consumption.  With just 150 pesos, you can now save as much as 9% of your prepaid load for the rest of your life.


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  2. Wow, thanks for sharing this promo and sharing your technique on how to doubled your free text you get. Cheers!